Speaker Bio

Brandon Bell

Brandon Bell

Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Syngenta North America

Brandon is fascinated by culture and the interplay between systems and the lived experience.

For more than a decade, he has partnered with leaders to design, deliver and implement equity, diversity and inclusion interventions across the civic, public and private sectors.  Subscribing to the philosophy that change, equity and innovation are found at the junction of policy and practice, Brandon takes a systemic and human-centered approach to his work to deliver tailored, sustainable solutions.

An international facilitator and practitioner, his areas of expertise include equity, diversity and inclusion, international education and globalization, learning and development, and human capital development.

Brandon has had the opportunity to lead and contribute to thought leadership in equity, diversity and inclusion at the annual Diversity Abroad conference, the American College Personnel Association conference and the Women in Agriculture annual meeting. He has led executive sessions on equity, diversity and inclusion with the Boston Globe Media Group, Verizon Media, AppFolio and other business conglomerates.

In his spare time, Brandon enjoys diving into a variety of sci-fi universes, creating and listening to music, hanging out with friends and enjoying an ultra-hoppy IPA.